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Animal Trainer

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Who This Career is For?
Apart from the given fact that animal trainers need to love animals, they also need to be comfortable around all kinds of animals. Trainers may not only work with domestic animals such as dogs or cats – but they may also have to work with a more dangerous type of animal such as lions or elephants. Regardless of the type of animal that they are working with, animal trainers need to have patience and the ability for repetition to reinforce a desired behavior.

Not only must animal trainers be organized, but they must also be physically strong. Strong swimming skills are an essential to this profession if the trainer is working with animals that live in the water. Animal trainers also may need to be good speakers if they are working with zoos or animal parks.
Want to know more about it?
Animal trainers not only have to take care of the animal(s) in question which includes feeding, cleaning and maintaining them – but they also need to train them. It is the job of the animal trainer to determine what type of training needs to be given depending upon the aptitude and ability of the animal. Animal Trainers also give mental stimulation, exercise, healthcare tasks and the care needed to the animals.

They train animals to obey commands, perform tricks and to compete in competitions or shows. Animal Trainers may also be hired to train for specific tasks such as teaching a dog to detect drugs. By interacting with the animals, animal trainers teach them to get used to the human voice. Animal Trainers also oversee the diet of the animal and advise on how they should be fed.
What are Salary Prospects?
In the United States, Animal Trainers are paid an average annual salary of $25,980 and an hourly wage of Rs. 12.49 per hour. The salary and wages depend upon the type of animal that is being trained. Trainers who are caring for exotic animals have a higher pay rate.
How is Life?
Being an Animal Trainer is a physically demanding job which can at times be dangerous. Animal Trainers usually work full time, however there are many opportunities for them to work part time as well. Irregular hours are common in this field, making the trainers work nights and some weekends too. Most Trainers are self employed and so have the option of choosing their own hours.
The job environment also depends upon where the trainer is working i.e. a pet store, stables, and dedicated training facilities are examples of a few. Animal Trainers may also have to work with a team of trainers.
What Perks come along with this career?
Animal lovers who have chosen this profession have the greatest benefit of all – they get to work with animals for a living. They also don’t have routine desk jobs, and work outdoors in areas such as zoos, kennels etc. Furthermore there is a growing demand for Animal Trainers and thus, many jobs are available in this field. Being an Animal Trainer is also emotionally rewarding, especially for those who train animals for people with special needs.
Which Downsides are there in this career?
The main disadvantage of being in this profession is that the salaries are not very high, unless exotic animals are the ones being trained. Moreover, this is a very dangerous profession where the trainer may have to deal with unpredictable and untrained animals. Bites and scratches are common, along with many other injuries that the trainer may face.
Animal trainers also need to be in top physical shape at all times, and have to deal with physically demanding situations. This may be a problem for all those that are not in the best physical condition.
How is Competition?
The Animal Training industry is growing every year. In the United States, it is estimated that the Animal Training industry will grow at a rate of 23% over the next ten years, creating many employment opportunities. Currently there are 45,800 Animal Trainers in the US, with 580 new positions being created every year.
There are trainers that are both self employed and have their own businesses, as well as trainers that are working for larger organizations such as local zoos or stables.
Locations where this career is good?
People are paying attention to their pets now a days so you can have lucrative opportunities in all metro cities across the India.
Career Path
The minimum qualification that is needed for this profession is a high school diploma. However, to work with certain animals that may require more detailed study – a Bachelor’s degree in animal science, zoology, biology, marine biology, or a related field might be needed. Volunteer work at a zoo or shelter is also a great way to learn on the job training.

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