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You can start with suggesting a category to suggesting a career to adding successful people in rare fields to filling up details of a career and much more.
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Help us redesign our graphics or the layout and flow of pages on the website. Make them better. Make them perfect. You must be good with graphics and definitely be serious about attention to detail.

Currently we are looking for a logo for our project. If you think you can help us with that, please contact us.
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Help us provide the translation of the content -- which is currently available on the website -- to your language.
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While browsing through our website if you come across any obvious bugs, issues or security vulnerabilities, Do let us know.
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If you have got -- what you think is -- a wonderful idea to improve our website, please let us know. Our website is free for all. Besides, it is used and managed by viewers. So do whatever you can to improve it not only for your own sake but for others.
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We believe that knowledge should be free for all mankind. This website is an attempt to provide all career related information free for all aspirants. Nothing makes us happier than to know that we've helped students follow their hearts and then realize their dreams.

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