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PlanCareer Scholarships

We at PlanCareer take education very passionately. If you're serious about your life and your dreams, we'll do our bit by lending you a little help. Currently so many students are not able to continue their studies or sports practice because of unavailability/shortage of funds.

In the spirit of helping unprivileged kids we've established a small scholarship fund. Every year we'll award total 3 scholarships to students. These scholarships are merit based.

Please note that as unprivileged kids don't have many luxuries in life and hence it's unlikely that they by themselves would be able to visit this website and apply for the scholarship. In such case, it becomes the duty of you, possibly their classmates/friends to let them know that such a help exist and they can avail it. So even if you yourself may not be eligible, we'd be grateful if you could just spread the word and let your friends know about this scholarship.

Please read the following details for further information:

Merit and Need Based
This scholarship is an amalgamation of merit and need based scholarships. That means, the scholarship will be granted to those individuals who are financially weak but who are still performing extraordinarily in studies. If you're financially strong, you won't get it. If you're not financially strong but weak in studies you won't get it.
Who is Eligible?
All young and bright indian students between age 10 and 15 who have successfully passed 9th standard in school are eligible. The scholarship will be provided for helping your studies in 10th, 11th and 12th standard. For more details, read the application process on the same page.
What is the criteria?

There are total 2 fields in which we'll award the scholarship.

1. Study

If you're studious and have at least 80% marks in your 9th standard, you can apply here.

2. Sports

If you perform well in sports and have at least one game in which you've stood first at least district level, you stand a chance. You can apply here.

How much is the scholarship amount?

There is no fixed amount. It can vary depending on the situation; however, the current maximum amount that could be granted is Rs 10,000/- total. As we connect with more and more contributors and donors we'd increase the number of scholarship and the corresponding amount.

Whoever is chosen for the scholarship will receive 2 benefits.

1. We will bear the cost of the books for the year in which the scholarship is awarded. If you're a sportsperson, we'd bear the cost of the equipments.

2. The student will receive free counseling from us. So if one has any doubt during the course of one's education till 12th standard we will provide full help to the person and if required will search an expert in the relevant domain to connect.

Application Fee?

Absolutely Nothing. Just fill up the form and you're good to go.

What are my chances?

Well, you'd never know unless you apply, would ya? And you have no reason to worry, we're NOT charging you anything right?

Minority Students

PlanCareer strongly believes in uniform policy and does NOT discriminate based on cast, creed, gender or color. The scholarship will be granted based on the same principal and will show NO favoritism towards any such groups.

Application Process

Just fill up the form and submit it to us. If you're selected we'd contact you via email or phone. Once you confirm to receive the scholarship, we'd verify your claims. After completing the verification, you can send us the receipt of your purchase (books or sports equipments) and a recommendation letter from your school principal substantiating your claims. On receiving your letter, we'd either transfer the funds to your bank account or send you a cheque for the stated amount.