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Who This Career is For?
A career in acting is definitely not for everyone. Starting out as an actor or actress is perhaps one of the most difficult things anyone can do, professionally speaking. A career in acting is only for people who are not easily disgruntled. Since this field has a lot of competition and many entrants looking to make it big, actors and actresses need to be willing to put in that extra level of effort in order to get hired.

Actors and actresses need to be able to memorize lines really quickly, and they must have the ability to follow directions precisely. They must be professional and extremely organized so that they can attend as many auditions as possible. Actors must be able to work long hours so that tight deadlines can be met. They must also be comfortable doing a wide range of scenes and playing various roles, since less established people in the field may not be able to choose the kind of roles they do.
Want to know more about it?
The main responsibility of an actor is to communicate a particular situation and/or character to an audience using gestures, expressions, body language, speech and other forms of communication tools. Actors normally work with directors, writers and various other technicians to create television serials, movies, plays, live stage performances and other features.

Actors may work to help create entertainment, provide education, therapy or even training. Actors who do live performances must be able to deal cope with stage fright, and most always be extremely prepared and accurate. There is slightly more margin of error when it comes to pre-recorded performances, but actors still need to be on top of their game.

The job generally entails a significant degree of networking and job searching. It is the responsibility of actors to attend auditions and show their talent to producers. If hired, actors are normally briefed about the work they are supposed to do and given scripts. Once the script has been memorized, they must attend the rehearsals or shootings, depending on the type of production they are going to act in.

Some of the world’s best actors have no more than a high school diploma, but with increasing levels of competition in the field, training and formal education in the field of acting can go a long way. While it is not necessary, there are a number of acting classes that one can enroll into. These teach essential skills, ranging from dancing to performing stunts, and everything that comes in between. Many colleges and universities offer a four-year undergraduate degree in performance arts as well.

What are Salary Prospects?
Some of Bollywood’s top actors and actresses get paid as much as 5 crore rupees. Actors who are not yet established can earn as little as Rs. 20,000 per month, but since most actors get paid per project, earnings may fluctuate.

The average annual salary of an actor in the United States is $51,000. However, established actors earn tens of millions of dollars a year and the earning potential is enormous.
How is Life?
Many people dream of becoming actors and actresses but few understand what life as an


actually entails. If you are new to the field, you should be prepared to work long hours and hop from one small project to another

Once you have made a name for yourself in the acting industry, you should be prepared to live a very public life. The paparazzi will always be looking to out private details of your life. You might have to attend talk shows and travel frequently for various professional commitments.

Much of your time will be spent memorizing lines or repeating scenes over and over again, and less of it will be spent at award ceremonies and on the all-elusive red carpet. Even still, actors and actresses live exciting lives where no two days are the same.
What Perks come along with this career?
There are a number of perks associated with a career in acting. If you manage to get successful, you may attain demigod status and you will have loyal fans who will simply adore you. Not only will you earn a lot of money, but you will never get bored while out at work. You can attain worldwide fame if you make it big in acting, and this will enable you to influence people all over the globe.
Which Downsides are there in this career?
Acting does not provide the steadiest income. You might find a lot of work one month, but have to spend the next month searching for a supplementary income. In this line of work, acting is not limited to a stage. If successful, you are always watched in real life as well, and you might not be able to live the private life you want.
How is Competition?
Acting is perhaps one of the most glamorous careers out there, and it is no surprise that more and more people are trying to get into this lucrative industry. It is expected that the number of people opting for careers as actors and actresses in India and the world will continue to grow, but the demand is also rising gradually.

The level of competition will continue to remain extremely fierce in this field, especially at entry level. Once an individual becomes an established


or actress, the level of competition will ease somewhat, but still remain stiff. Only the most talented actors and actresses will find success in this profession.
Locations where this career is good?
In India, the best place to become an actor is Mumbai. It is home of Bollywood, the fastest growing (and one of the largest) movie industry in the world. There are a number of opportunities waiting to be availed here. If you are looking to develop a theater career, New York City is perhaps the best place in the world to do so. Los Angeles is the global hub of English films, so if you want to pursue that route, it might be a good place to relocate to. Paris, the capital of France, also has a vibrant film industry.
Career Path
You cannot become an actor by training. You cannot become an actor if you have inherited talent. A combination of both is required and the ability to work hard is the only way to become a good actor. No institution that can teach you to be an actor. The only way to learn is to find a good director and work with him/her for two-three years in productions

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