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Who This Career is For?
This career is only for people who are willing to put in a lot of hard work to gain the required certification necessary to practice dermatology. Dermatologists need to be able to deal with a wide range of exotic skin and hair conditions. They must not cringe if they see anything unusual in their patients since it is quite likely that they will encounter people with conditions that affect their appearance significantly. This career is for dedicated people who have the passion to help others improve their lives.
Want to know more about it?
The primary responsibility of a dermatologist is to diagnose and treat both pediatric and adult patients who are suffering from any conditions affecting the skin, hair, fingernails, external genetilia and mouth. They generally perform mole extractions, botox injections and other procedures. Dermatologists normally help patients deal with and fight skin cancers and other skin tumors. These highly specialized physicians try to cure both allergic and nonallergic skin conditions.

There are two general career paths that one can choose within the field of dermatology. If you prefer to perform surgeries and operations on people with a wide range of conditions, you can opt to become a surgical dermatologist. If you prefer to prescribe medication that will help cure the problem, you can become a clinical dermatologist or a dermatopathologist. Most dermatologists actually practice either field on a case-to-case basis, since some patients require clinical attention while others require surgical care.

Some dermatologists engage in only pediatric dermatology, which means they only cater to conditions being faced by new-born babies, infants, and young children. These dermatologists often work in the maternity ward of hospitals so that they can help babies who are born with skin conditions cope as soon as they are born. Dermatologists may also specialize in performing various cosmetic surgeries including facelifts and botox surgeries.
What are Salary Prospects?
Dermatologists are generally well-compensated all over the world. In India, dermatologists on average earn Rs. 400,000 annually. However, with experience, this figure can increase dramatically. In the United States, dermatologists enjoy an annual salary generally ranging between $280,000 and $480,000.
How is Life?
Dermatologists generally work from clinics. The kind of procedures they normally perform do not require them to visit a hospital, in most circumstances. As a result, dermatologists spend most of their day at work clinics. They are free to set appointments according to their own convenience, and so they enjoy a great deal of flexibility and certainty when it comes to their work. Unlike other doctors, they don’t need to worry about being paged in the middle of the night.
What Perks come along with this career?
There is a lot to live for as a dermatologist. These professionals are well-compensated for the work they do. Due to the kind of clientele most dermatologists attract, they are generally paid upfront in cash and do not need to bother going through insurance companies to seek reimbursements. Dermatologists, unlike most other physicians and surgeons, do not have to spend nights at hospitals or always be on call. Their procedures are generally scheduled well in advance according to their convenience. After all, there is no such thing as an emergency botox procedure!
Which Downsides are there in this career?
The biggest downside that comes along with a career in dermatology is that since they generally are not employed by hospitals to perform regular procedures, they may find difficulty in getting work. Besides that, dermatologists rarely perform emergency procedures, and during times of economic recession, people may avoid visiting dermatologists for procedures that are not absolutely necessary so that they may save up on hefty medical bills. Performing mainly aesthetic procedures may not guarantee steady income for dermatologists.
How is Competition?
There are a lot of openings in the field of dermatology. It is one of the less preferred routes that doctors tend to take. There is a strong demand for highly qualified dermatologists all over the world, and it is expected that the number of openings will continue to grow. Although dermatologists may find competition at entry level, it will ease out once they gain experience and develop a client base.
Locations where this career is good?
Dermatology is a lucrative field in developed countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. In India, people living in the urban centers tend to visit dermatologists more frequently. Mumbai is the best place in the country to practice dermatology. The general rule of thumb is that wherever a greater number of people have settled, the more clients you may find, and the higher the remuneration.
Career Path
Opt for science with physics, chemistry and biology in Class 12. Follow an MBBS degree with one of the options — a three-year MD programme in dermatology, venereology and leprosy or a two- year diploma course in dermatology, venereology and leprosy; do a house job, clear the primary exam of the National Board of Examination and then get a diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examinations (DNB) degree in dermatology which is a three-year programme; do a house job, earn a diploma in dermatology and then complete a two-year DNB programme

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